Through The Lens Entertainment (TTL)

is an intellectual property and production company based in New York and London. Founded in 2016, our company focuses on acquiring and developing high quality content and technology platforms for the purpose of enhancing the cinematic experience. This is our precise, sustainable and unique approach to revolutionizing the world of entertainment.


is dedicated to exploiting intellectual property on a range of different media. We believe that the most original stories deserve to be shared on more than one platform. Only then can they reach their full potential and influence the greatest number of people in the world

We believe in what you experience and how you experience it.

Intellectual PropertyComic bookAcquire and develop intellectual property libraries for exploitation - pre-existing and original.
TechnologyVirtual realityInnovate technology to enhance the value of the intellectual property.
DiversificationGlobeMonetize the intellectual property on a domestic and global scale through cross-border diversification.
LicensingBar graphContribute to the growth of the entertainment industry by licensing intellectual properties and original technology.